Jim began the search to find me a house to rent (wasn’t sure I would stay, so I decided to rent not buy). He found me a wonderful house in a gated community called “THE OASIS” in 3, yes, 3 days. He was so prepared with my qualifications that the landlord rented me the house quickly based on Jim’s knowledge of me, his client. I lived there very happily for about a year and a half. It was then I decided to buy a house in the same gated community.

Once again Jim went into action! This time it took a bit longer because each house I looked at had different circumstances. Jim never gave up and kept at it with me. He never faltered and I felt totally protected during my search. It was during this time when I realized how hard Jim worked for me. We put several offers in, had to make changes, submit more paperwork and on and on. Jim never batted an eyelash- he was right on it. His knowledge and experience of 35 years certainly paid off for me. We finally found a short-sale house I loved and the fact that it was a short sale did not even matter. You see, Mr. Guido specializes in that type of sale also!!  With his fabulous and comforting help (I got rather crazy at times because short sales have different rules) I am now in the house of my dreams!

Because I have such faith in Mr. Guido’s ability, I have hired him to sell my house in Eureka. Guess what? It has now closed escrow, thanks to Jim.

Kathy S.